About us

The Fair Work Commission is Australia’s workplace relations tribunal. We were established in 2009 by the Fair Work Act, and we administer the provisions of the Act. 

As part of this role, the Commission: 

  • deals with unfair dismissal, general protections and unlawful termination claims
  • deals with claims about bullying at work
  • sets the national minimum wage and minimum wages in modern awards
  • makes, reviews and varies modern awards
  • assists with the bargaining process for enterprise agreements
  • deals with applications to approve, vary or terminate enterprise agreements
  • makes orders to stop or suspend industrial action
  • deals with disputes lodged under terms of modern awards or enterprise agreements
  • deals with applications for right of entry permits
  • promotes cooperative and productive workplace relations and prevents disputes.
To find out more about the Fair Work Commission, visit us at www.fwc.gov.au


Contact us

You can lodge an enquiry or provide feedback about the Online Learning Portal via the Contact us page on the Commission’s website. 

For technical support, please contact us at onlinelearning@fwc.gov.au